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Digital CRM/Social Care

Our CCA (Catch – Convert – Advocate) model is the solution for both sales & marketing. Digital CRM cultivate data, turn it to recruitment and keep consumers with brands throughout retargeting, data segment platform (DSP). Bringing CRM from traditional “call centers” to digital systems and solutions in order to increase in customer retention and driving sales growth by individual care.
Social Care utilizes strategies and technologies to manage, analyze customer interaction to appear and take care of consumer on the right conversation at the right time on social media.

Influencer Marketing

Unlike the typical way to deal with Influencers as after the feast comes the reckoning, Golden Digital believes in building up a strong relationship with Influencers who are inspired by the vision of the brand and fired up to accomplish the mission to bring value to their communities together with the brands.
With latest social listening technology and methodology, Golden Digital is the first digital agency to champion on the influencer marketing in Vietnam.

Video Marketing

In the world of “video first”, Video marketing is a very “on high demand” product by Golden Digital. It combine both data and creativity to make sure “viral” is not by luck but by “calculation”. It answers when and how a video can replace an iTVC, or go beyond views to interaction and sales.

Digital PR/Activation

Digital PR/Activation is all about combining traditional PR/event activation with digital platforms, data, technology & social tactics to transform consumers into real experience with brands and bypass media to speak directly to your target audience.
This is the future of how consumers experience brands. It overcomes all barriers of traditional PR/Activation in other to maximize ROI & campaign effectiveness.

Digital Trategic Intergration

Golden Digital doesn’t do digital for the sake of having a full “360 communication mix”. We create values for brands by translating brand’s marketing objectives into digital KPIs.
Our media strategy can prove what do interactions, views, data, leads… mean to your business. We create a digital path to purchase for consumers, we take them from awareness to sales and advocacy.

It’s 6pm – Let’s chill

It’s 6pm – Let’s chill