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Everyone has different views about work and life, depend on each context they can visualize their whole new world. With us, each event is a special occasion where we make every moment become a precious experience that turns out to be people live.
a. Corporate Event
b. Conference & Symposium
c. Awards & Anniversary
d. Gala Dinner & Luxury Banquet

Campaign for Brand Activation

Nowadays, consumers are lost with millions of brand images and stories. How to make them remember your brand? We provide new solution with innovative mechanism that has not happened before, hence, your brand image is engaged to become a part of people live.
a. Product Launching
b. Booth Roadshow & Parade
c. Mall Event
d. Consumer Event

Entertainment Biz

In the modern world, people are seeking for entertainment where they stay truly to themselves. They are hunger for a huge crowd of Festival that heartbeats are synchronized, amazing concert or indulge themselves in beauty of high fashion. We have all platforms that worth people to live for.
a. Festival
b. Music Show/classy Concert
c. Fashion show

Trade show/Exhibition

We always bear in mind the mission to make a certain brand becoming great, in the most professional way. Trade show or exhibition are solution, not only for B2B business, but also walk in people live smoothly, unexpectedly.

Trade Marketing Tool

Beside the marvelous experiences of Event, we understand the needs of consumer goods. We do offer all supporting tools & services to help the Brands grow faster, stronger and even stay forever in people live.
a. Door to door sales
b. Telemarketing
c. Direct mail
d. POSM & production installation

Through-the-line campaign

With the arise of collaboration trend because of target audiences’ needs, we were in. We are – Golden Group – has being trusted by many famous Brands and Corporation. As a group we offer our best strength: integration, fast and consistent process, mutual understanding not only that work best for your brand but also help people to live the fullest.

Comfort Fashion House 2017

Comfort Fashion House 2017