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PR Retainer

Your Corporate’s is just as precious and fragile like an EGG. We treat your corporate reputation by our knowledge and dedication with valuable experience through TOUGH time and HIGH time. Golden PR’s expertise and relation can transform on brand from just any EGG to the GOLDEN unbeatable EGG.

Corporate PR

We manage your prestigious names, protect them through potential risks and attacks. We raise the desired awareness and build deep understanding for consumers, investors and stakeholders.

Product PR

WE BRING ADDED VALUES for your brands, a sparkling, refreshing and aromatic ingredient for a successful brand communication matrix. Golden PR love what we do, pampering, honoring, adding color & flavors to the stories of your brands. We combine traditional with digital PR outreach strategies.

PR Shooting

Using our creativity and ideological potential, we offer our clients advertising solutions that are not only visually beautiful, but also increase the sales. Of course, before taking on any business, we carefully study the client, the product and the market, to provide a stable basis for our ideas.

Comfort USLP

Comfort USLP