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Top 10 Trends For Digital Transformation In 2018>

Even though we haven’t quite hit the final quarter of 2017, you could say it’s been an eventful year in digital transformation. Just as I predicted last year at this time, user experience (UX), big data, smart machines — and of course, change itself—have proven big players in the business landscape this year. As we round the bend to 2018, we get a sense of what’s ahead in the digital transformation—barring any unexpected disruptions, of course.
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Media planning builds walls – audience planning builds bridges
Imposing old-school methods on new, sophisticated platforms makes no sense - and it has to change. The boundaries have to come down, argues Xaxis CEO Brian Gleason.
OOH Advertising
OOH is an abbreviation of "Out of Home" in English, in other words, phenomena, events, activities, images,... that are displayed or take place outside people's homes.
The Event Trends That Will Shape You this year
What event trends should you be keeping an eye on next year? What new marketing or technology innovation will impact your job the most?

Do you already have a clear idea about the key event trends, opportunities and challenges that will affect your business?

We asked everyone the same question: What one trend, challenge or opportunity are you predicting will impact the events industry most in 2017?
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