Senior Account Executive (Influencer)

Công ty tuyển dụng: IMC

Salary base: Agreement

Datetime: 31/07/2024

Job Purpose:

Job Description

  • Execute projects (manage product delivery, training, inspiring, build & manage IC, collect evidence & ecevute liquidation)
  • Build & manage timeline/spotplan
  • QC outcome from briefing to production
  • Align, set & recap internal meetings then follow up & push internal works
  • Update project progress & inform to AM if issues happen
  • Be responsible for all types of reports.
  • Build relationships with suppliers, especially KOL

Key deliverable:

  • KPI achievement, cost efficiency & on time liquidation
  • Outcome airing on-time
  • Get approval after 2 rounds of revision
  • Internal teams understand and deliver works on time with quality
  • Clear status & timely update projects
  • Report delivery on-time with one round revision.


  • 3+ years in KOL management/account management/project management
  • Influencer’s insight, knowledge of Influencer Marketing and Communications.
  • Having experience in Agency sides
  • Can-do attitude, Patient, proactive, critical thinking
  • Work under pressure
  • Beauty seeker
  • Communication skills
  • Good at social voice/social term/trendy content
  • Teamwork ability
  • Creative, sense of art is a plus
  • Fluent in speaking/writng in english
  • High EQ

How To Apply:

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